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Currently residing in Grosse Pointe with her family, Mary Montgomery specializes in children’s portraiture, but extends her skills to weddings, special events, family portraits, and many other mediums.

Mary has been creating her works of art for over twenty years. The adventure, excitement and thrill of capturing an image is what motivates her and defines photography. Each image should reflect the mood and circumstances of the moment. Documenting that moment is her passion and obsession.

Her philosophy is built around the marriage between technical purity and improvisation. Pictures, first and foremost, begin with the subject matter. She believes in allowing those she is photographing to find a place of comfort, humor, and creativity. Capturing these real moments greatly translates on film or digital media, and is what makes one want to frame a picture, because it inspires.

Mary’s adaptability lies in her openness for shooting in a studio setting, or on site; including outdoors. Every picture can be customized specifically to each customer’s need.

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